Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Alternate title: Pimping Myself Out

Oh man. Today kind of sucks. I'm not going to talk about why here but it has something to do with this  and me feeling rather frustrated and powerless. And I have a headache. And I've been incapable of doing anything but holing up in my apartment in a sea of anguish all day.

But anyhow, if you follow me on Twitter perhaps you noticed yesterday's wimpering? Basically, I was waiting to buy my Blogher conference ticket until I was certain that I was going, which meant waiting until I had a hotel/roomie situation set up. So after that was settled I went to the web site and tried to buy my conference pass and GAH! The student rate was SOLD OUT.
This wouldn't matter so much if there was, like, a $50 price difference and I'd just grumble a little and fork over the extra money. But no the difference is OVER TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. Whu? Bu? WIMPER. I could have afforded $75, but I can't throw three hundred bones at this conference, I CAN'T. But I'm still going to New York that weekend because, guess what? I already paid for my hotel reservation!

Wimper. Mope. Sulk.

So. I've decided to go all Tacky McTackerson and add a "Donate" button over thattaway -> on the sidebar. So if you're looking for a good cause to throw a couple bucks at, ugh. Wait. Okay, if you're looking for a GOOD CAUSE, go here or here or here or here. BUT if you're looking to maybe help a wee fledgeling blogger get her tush out to Blogher then clickitty click that lil button on the left, won't you? Alternatively, if someone wants to painstakingly explain to me how to get a sponsorship whateveryacallit (Hey! Flip & Tumble! Regina Leeds! You guys owe me.) I'm all ears. Alternatively, if someone wants to convince Blogher to shell out just ONE more measly little student rate pass (since they didn't respond to my Twitter cries for help), I'd be forever grateful and, like, send you a care package of magical rainbows.