Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1. drink a dirty martini

I went to a cooking party on Saturday! The concept started as kind of a joke between Papasan5 and me about my nonexistent super awesome cooking skills. But then he totally called my bluff and invited me and Miss Grace, Ewokmama, and Uncola over to his house and promised that Momily would make bacon wrapped apricots (YES I SAID BACON WRAPPED APRICOTS). Miss Grace came down with the plague or something so she was unable to attend but the rest of us planned to bring ingredients and make something nummy to share.

Well, okay, most of us did that. I was supposed to bring some kind of appetizer which I procrastinated deciding upon until the last minute at which point I panicked and ended up bringing veggies, chips, and dip. Because that was the point of a cooking party, right? To eat store bought dip?

Anyhow, Papasan had also promised to make me a dirty martini so I could fulfill item 1 on my Life List. When I stepped into the kitchen, I knew these were my kind of people.

From Papasan I learned that when you are making a martini, first you break a glass (but not the one you are planning to use). Nothing makes guests feel welcome like squatting on the floor picking up shards of glass.

Then he QUIZZED ME. "So, what do you know about martinis?"
"Uh they come in a fancy glass and that they are pretty much only alcohol. And they have olives. And uh... they uh..."
"Have you ever had a martini?"
"Okay. Wow."

He also had a little helper.

And lo!

I gave it the old college try.


"What do you think?"
"I think it's sweet and salty and VERY ALCOHOLIC."

Hats off to the bartender.

30 minutes later.... 

Something was very, very funny.

I can't remember what it was, maybe it was on the table.

"You have to eat the olive, or else it doesn't count."

Conculsion: dinner parties are fun and dirty martinis are sweet and salty and very alcoholic. And probably dangerous.