Monday, March 15, 2010

Bowie Pants Wolverine

What's that? Why, YES, in fact I AM writing a blog post about my cat! Because today is his birthday! And I love him!
This post consists largely of pictures of Bowie. Feel free to move along if that kind of thing does not interest you. (Actually I feel silly saying that. Like, under normal circumstances you're required to keep reading but TODAY you have permission to skip it?).

Anyhow! Bowie is six today. Or around today. Because I got him and the vet said he was about three weeks old so I did some hazy math to assign him his birthday.

I fell instantly in love with that little ball of fluff the moment I saw him. Of course, some people didn't think he was quite as adorable as I did-- can't imagine why.

But he got cuter.

So cute.


Okay okay that's enough kitten photos.

Well, how about just one more?

Now he's six. SIX! That's, like, middle-aged in cat years! He's older than nearly half of my nieces and nephews. He's lived in my last four apartments.

And, oh yeah, he grew.

And became rather distinguished.

And curious.

And tolerant.

And, uh, idiosyncratic?


The weirdo prefers to only drink running water.

This means that on any given morning he will jump up onto the bathroom counter and meow at me until I turn on the water.

And sometimes he will go back and forth between the sink and the bathtub, yowling at me to turn on whichever faucet His Majesty currently prefers. Oh and I bought him one of those stupid cat fountain things a couple years ago and he STILL wanted me to turn the sink on instead. Brat.

I used to lock him in a crate at night because he would run! around! and! pounce! all! night! long! But then I got my big fuzzy blanket and it seems to have a hypnotizing effect on him.

Anyhow, he's my Bowie. Bowie Pants Wolverine [Lastname]. I think he's pretty fantastic. I know he's "only a cat" but I think he made my life better and I'm so very glad I have him. I think you'd like him, too. Even people who don't like cats tend to like Bowie. And I know a lot of people who have cats tend to say that about their cats but, seriously, I'm right. I mean, he sits on command and eats flowers and he's TWENTY FIVE POUNDS. C'mon. Anyhow, happy birthday to mah Bowie.
And thank YOU for bearing with this sappy cat adoration post-- I'd love to hear about your pets, should you wish to share.