Wednesday, March 31, 2010

99. make snow cones out of snow

Last week, over part of spring break I went on a little mini retreat with my friend D. That's what we called it anyhow. Basically we drove to Tahoe and hung out in a woodsy cabin for a couple of days. We hiked about in the snow, played nickel slots at one of the casinos, and snuggled up on the couches with drinkiepies and cable TV. It was awesome. I feel kind of bad for not inviting all of you because I probably totally could have-- check out the "cabin" where we unexpectedly stayed.

That's D, waaay over by the sink.

And there I am by the window.

And that's just the living room area. We felt kind of like we had paid for a crappy motel room and by some clerical error had been put in a fancypants hotel penthouse. There was, like, a whole SUITE of rooms we didn't even use. Seriously, YOU SHOULD HAVE COME!

To be honest it was actually kind of spooky at night.

And there was this fake barking dog thing set up to frighten away bears that scared the bejeezus out of me.

Anyhow, one of the things I really wanted to do in Tahoe was number 99 on my life list-- make snow cones out of snow. When I was making my list I knew that I wanted to include big extravagant goals, but also smaller, more doable items. Like, I didn't want to make a list and then have it just SIT THERE while I felt sad about the fact that I wasn't going to accomplish number 69 (get henna painted in India) or number 51 (step onto the field at the LA Coliseum) anytime soon. So I added lots of littler listy items because I knew I would enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that came along with coercing someone to make me a dirty martini or spending a day lazing around in bed.

The point of all this being: Snow Cones! I made them! Out of snow! I put that on the list as kind of a throwback reference to when I was a kid and we used to eat snow with chocolate syrup on it as a wintry treat.

So! D and I went to the grocery store and bought some Hawaiian Punch. Real snow cone syrup was too hard to obtain on such short notice and I decided Hawaiian Punch would do the trick because it is (a) very sweet and (b) not juice.

I collected the snow.

Yes, I scraped off the layers with obvious bits of dirt (no, I didn't use Yellow Snow, why do people keep asking me that?).

Then we went inside and used mini paper cups. Because you have to eat snow cones out of paper (that's part of the fun-- the race to eat it all before it soaks through).

Time to add the Hawaiian Punch. This got me very!!! excited!!!

Oh yum yum.

So there ya have it, Snow Cones. Out of snow. Mighty Girl challenged life listers to accomplish three of their goals this month and I did it! Okay, so I didn't HAVE A BABY like one of her other readers but whatever, pshhh, overachiever. I'm choosing to revel in my own success. So there. BOOYAH!