Thursday, May 27, 2010

Storage Cage, BINNED

Okay, remember what my storage cage used to look like?

It took some heavy lifting, several trips to Target for more BINS, and a lot of time spent down in the creepy storage cage room (where, P.S., the lights are motion sensored only by the DOORS and my cage is in the middle of the hall so the lights SHUT OFF while I was in the midst of zenning so I had to walk back the 40 feet back toward the doors in the DARK, picking my way over all the stuff I had strewn about the hallway and praying that murderers weren't hiding in the corner).

But I did it-- my storage cage is organized. I know where everything is and I got rid of a bunch of the stuff I didn't need or want anymore.

Invite me to a costume party, okay? I'm PREPARED.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Better with Butter

Remember when I said I was giving up butter?

Yeah. That was... some kind of temporary insanity.

I've given up belts instead.

No Good Reason

Apparently May has become the Month of the Materialistic Posts! To that end, here is a list of things I want for no good reason, and lots of reasons NOT to want them.

1. rotary dial phone.
I only have a cell phone, not a house line. I have no current plans to get a house line. Rotary dial phones are cumbersome, inconvenient, and outdated. But I want. Cuz LOOK!
Photo Courtesy of happydayvintage's Etsy listing

2. VCR
Again, outdated and cumbersome. And VHS tapes take up more room than DVDs. ALSO, they don't even make VHS tapes anymore. Also, they are lower quality. But there's just something about them that I like.

3. frogs
I started reading Maria's review of the ecoaquarium and frogs and at the beginning I was like FROGS plucked from their native habitat and put in the MAIL for people to receive as pets? How horrible and dangerous and inhumane! But by the end of it I kind of wanted some. I have a rather needy cat who would (a) probably not enjoy losing some of my attention and/or (b) eat the frogs. So, no. No frogs for me. But I'm surprisingly having to hold myself back from impulsively spending thirty bucks on them.

4. collection of teapots
I have two. I neither make tea in pots nor host fancy dress up tea parties. But I want many, many teapots of different shapes and sizes and it is only storage space and the desire to not look like a CRAZY TEAPOT LADY that holds me back.

5. trampoline.
My bone surgeon father would certainly not approve. They are dangerous. They take up a lot of room. I live in an apartment so obviously I have no space for one. They are DANGEROUS!!! But bouncing! Fun!

6. dollhouse bookshelf
I love knicky knackies and I love dollhouses. Wouldn't it be cute to have one of those book shelfy things up on my wall? Not one of those $400 ones they sell at Pottery Barn or some garbage like that, but one like this.
Photo courtesy of The Dainty Squid's blog post.

I can't link directly to her post for some reason but she found it at the local Goodwill and I am heinously jealous.

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Super" your Life List

Here are three easy steps to making your Life List infinitely more fabulous, brought to you by the one and only Superjules.

1. Write down a list of things you would like to do in your life.

2. Stop taking yourself so goddamn seriously.

3. Done.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lil Prezzies

Let's see.... the weather is crappyish and school has been tough and clinicals are nail-bitey. I'm sloggily heaving myself toward June because that's when summer starts but it's not like I will really get a break since I'm starting more clinicals and ugh I'm feeling burnt out and icky and I can't even wear my pretty new dresses because of the NEVERENDING RAIN AND FOG.

What's that, Weather? You'd like to show me how nice and sunny you are today? Well screw you, I'm stuck indoors studying all day long! Give me sunshine and GIVE ME BACK MY WEEKEND.

Oh my.

Well. Now I've turned into a crazy person, literally shouting and cursing at the heavens. Let's ignore my little outburst and turn our attention to what I meant to write about today, okay?

***Shiny happy things!***

It is no secret that I'm a firm believer in rewarding and treating oneself. And, while my life is immeasurably better than it was last year at around this time, it is by no means perfect or easy. I mean, who's is, right? So! In light of that, I've been indulging in little treats to brighten my own days.

1. Mini Herb Garden. This was actually a surprise gifty and included planter box and little wee seeds of oregano, rosemary, and thyme. I also have a little basil plant. Collectively I call them my Herberts, which cracks me up almost daily but no one else seems to find it funny.

2. Subscription to People Magazine. I finally caved and subscribed because I do enjoy fluffy celebrity gossip and the reading of it in the bathtub. I got a year subscription for $112 which they will bill in four installments. It works out to a little over two bucks an issue which is far cheaper than buying it at the supermarket. Two dollars a week is a pretty good deal for something I know I will enjoy.

3. Zippy pouch of the month club. The Dainty Squid Etsy shop has this deal wherein they send you a cute little handmade zipper pouch each month. I signed up for six months which was about $50, including shipping.
(Photo from The Dainty Squid Etsy store)
It works out to $8.33ish per pouch. Not SUPER cheap but still a pretty good price for getting a little handmade present in the mail every month. Plus! I can give them away as gifties if I so desire.

So that's what's been making ME a happier Julesy lately, what about you?

Monday, May 17, 2010

UPR Diesel

Okay so I don't actually OWN anything by Diesel because their clothes always seemed too douchey and expensive for my taste. But now! Now I extra don't want to ever own anything by Diesel because look at their latest ad campaign:
Be stupid.
That's it.
That's their whole idea.
I'm not sure what angle they are trying for: A ridiculous gimmick that makes you laugh and therefore buy the clothes? Like those "Make 7... UP Yours" tee shirts? Or are they trying to be all deep like oooh people think they're so smart but you've gotta get out there and try new things and make impulsive decisions and LIVE, dammit...? Or am I supposed to take their words at face value-- stupid people wear Diesel?

I'm not sure what they are TRYING to say to me, the potential customer. But here are the messages I am getting:

Our customers are morons!

Our customers are culturally insensitive! And crazy!

Our customers are likely to have dead hookers under their beds!

Our customers are pervy exhibitionist photobombers who don't care about nature!

Our customers are douchey layabout rich assholes with way too much time on their hands!

I don't know if one could possibly conceive of an ad campaign that would appeal to me LESS. Congratulations, Diesel.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reusable Baggage

As you may be aware, I have some reusable shopping bags that I very much like. I use them whenever I go-- grocery stores, clothing stores, Target, wherever. And usually there's no real problem. Sometimes I'll have to say "wait!" as I dig around in the depths of my purse for a bag or sometimes the checkout person will forget I've handed them a reusable bag and almost put my stuff in a store bag until I remind them. But aside from these little issues, the process is usually pretty easy, peasy, mac-n-cheesy.

But! Sometimes, not very often but often enough that I've noticed it, sometimes the checkout person will act as though reusable shopping bags are the BANE OF THEIR EXISTENCE.

They will audibly sigh or grumble under their breath. I even had one store clerk lady look at the bag and then look back at me and say "I don't know what to do with this!"
Um.... Couldja... put my groceries in it?

So I'm wondering. Am I missing something? Is there some big inconvenience about reusable shopping bags that I just don't understand because I've never worked as a checkout girl? Are they so hard to pack in a sensible way? Is there some understandable REASON why today I was handed one barely liftable bag with three milk jugs inside and one bag with cat food and berries and spaghetti sauce all crushing a carton of eggs?
Just. Just. WTF?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Profiling Myself (Part 6: The Older Gentleman)

I know it's been awhile since I've written about my adventures in online dating but I haven't forgotten about it and I hope you haven't either. For anyone who hasn't been following along you can read about my online dating profile here and here, and the other emails I received here, here, and here.
You guys. YOU GUYS. I thought I had lost this email and I found it today on my phone. This message is from a 63 year old gentleman who calls himself Thor5.

You seem like an interesting and intelligent woman who has an incredibly positive outlook towards life, and I wish you the best. We should talk. You will not be bored.

I realize I may be over the ideal age of men you are looking for, but I think we should talk. Most of my students think I am in my early 40’s. Having tried out for the US Olympic cycling team twice, I keep extremely fit. You will
never possibly meet anyone as educated as me. I have a Ph. D (UCLA), law degree (University of Pennsylvania) and an extra year in 7th grade (I was a bit of a juvenile delinquent). I am not that impressed with education. What a person has in their hearts and minds can best be judged by their values and whether they have the character to reflect their values in their actions. By the way being in love is both an art and a craft. I think we have similar values and I know we could have a great conversation,

I could go on with such statements, but my right hand just came out of a cast and typing is extremely slow and awkward. It would be great if you could respond to me.

Uh. Wow. First of all, I will NEVER meet anyone more educated than you? Never? Also, why did you try to wow me about all your fancy degrees and then say that you're not that impressed with education? Also, people mistake you for FORTY? People mistake me for a teenager, dude.
Also, I'm not going to post his picture for the sake of anonymity but I think it's safe to say that it is an olllld photo, if the greaser hair is any indication.

Being in love is both an art and a craft. PSA, everyone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skirting the Issue

I'd like to have a very serious discussion here about internet sharing ethics.


Ha ha ha! I'm just kidding, let's talk about SKIRTS! And dresses! And other things!

Last week I found out that two of the fun things I had planned for this summer won't be happening. The reasons are practical and all-- namely, people other than me decided that the plans were too expensive and they can't spend the money, which effectively canceled said plans for me as well. And that makes lots of sense because, truthfully, I probably shouldn't spend the money either.

But! I was looking forward to these fun things. I was excited about them. School is hard and clinicals are hard and sometimes I like to daydream about the fun times ahead and what it will feel like to laze around under a cabana with a bottomless piƱa colada in my hand. Alas, it shall not be.

Thus I've been rather in the mood for a bit of retail therapy recently. On Saturday after a night of shenanigans, Jenny and I hit up Old Navy. And look what we found!
The SKIRT! It was back-- and on clearance! So I bought it in "Black Jack," "First Kiss," and "Weeping Wisteria." What's with eye-rolly names, Old Navy?

I usually like to wear a cami under my shirt and these were on sale for $5 (down from $8.99) so I bought all these colors plus purple (which is in the wash).

I saw this one bathing suit I liked but then they didn't have my size and I was disappointed. But then Jenny was all YOUR SWIMSUIT IS HERE I CAN FEEL IT, WALK WITH ME and herded me over to this one which, YES. I do believe that's the swimsuit I've been looking for all my life.

Here's a $15 dress that I thought was pretty. I would have bought it in other colors as well but for some reason this was the only one that looked good on me.

And then Jenny told me to try this $15 dress on and I tried to tell her I wasn't sure about the material and she said QUIT ARGUING WITH ME JUST GO TRY IT ON. And it turned out to be very pretty and flattering and COMFY. So I bought it. In three colors. I didn't get a pic of the other two because I put this one on and I felt so comfortable and lovely that I wanted to lounge in it. So. Shopping with Jenny is fun-- she can be mean and bossy but she's usually RIGHT and will pick out cute clothes for me that I would have walked right by without a glance.

I haven't put my new things away just yet, I've just been so enjoying looking at them strewn across my living room table (I know, I know, not very zen). Now I have lots of pretty, summery clothes... but no warm beachy vacation plans. The irony is not lost on me. YOU HEAR ME, UNIVERSE? I would like a warm summery vacation please and thank you. And if I can't have that I will settle for some warmer weather here in San Francisco so I can wear my new green dress and sit out in the courtyard under an umbrella with a Mike's Hard Lime in my hand.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


1. I hope that post I wrote a few days ago didn't sound like I was trivializing Califmom's pain. I feel like it might have come off as "oh my grandmother died when I was 13 so I TOTALLY GET what it's like to lose your spouse of 21 years" which, of course not. Really, I just meant to say this: It sucks when people die.

2. All of my neighbors officially suck. I left little notes outside TEN of their doors to ask if anyone would be interested in sharing the cost of internet and NO ONE has responded. What gives? I've been coming up with theories like maybe they think I'm crazy for leaving notes or maybe they think I'm going to hack into their computers or or or... but I think I'm more satisfied with the conclusion that they just suck.

3. Related to this, should I buy internet now for my house? Right now I'm just dealing with using someone's janky weak un-password-protected signal and that's okay because it's free. Although it WOULD be nice if it were faster and crashed less. But arg, why does internet have to be so expensive? (And why do all my neighbors have to suck so much?)

4. I bought this skirt from Old Navy about a month ago.
And I love love love it. I love the length and how comfortable it is and I love that the color is called Peacock. On my way home today I stopped by Old Navy again to buy it in some other colors but it was GONE. But it IS online. So my question to you is this: should I buy it online? If so, which colors? I'm considering the hot pink and light purple. And is it worth it to buy them now at full price ($16.50) plus shipping ($7 flat rate) or should I wait until it goes on sale? But what if they sell out before it goes on sale? Or should I just not buy any of them unless they go on sale and live my life under the presumption that someday I'll find another skirt I love?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Storage Cage, Before

In this chapter of my magic organization book (Amazon affiliate link over thar -->) , I am working on the "hidden areas" of my home. The book actually spends a lot of time talking about the guest room and the garage and laundry room and such. And when I read that I was like PSHH I don't have any of those! I live in a glorified studio apartment! But then the author totally called me out. She was all "Even if you live in a little apartment you probably have stuff somewhere-- old boxes at your parents' house, sports equipment in a friend's basement, a storage facility, a locker? Come ON, you can't tell me you don't have any stuff I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER."

And, grumble grumble, she's right again.
Here is what my storage cage currently looks like:
So. Looks like I'll be needing more bins.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I read this post by Califmom (Leah) about and hour ago and still my tears keep coming. Her words, her story took my breath away.

In this particular post she wrote about how, as her husband lay dying, she told him she was afraid. Afraid because they had been together for twenty one years. Afraid because for twenty one years they had each other, and now she would be alone. Not alone, of course, but he would be gone. And he held her and told her he would always be watching her and giving her strength. And now I'M CRYING AGAIN JUST WRITING THIS LITTLE MINI SUMMARY OUT.

Because, oh my. Haven't we all lost someone who we thought we couldn't live without? It's the kind of pain that is so raw, so real, so overwhelming that all you can do is let it wash over you. You breathe. You cry. You let the time pass and you heal.

Love, fear, pain, anguish, denial, hope, laughter, tears.

One of the hardest parts of life is its ending. But sometimes it is even harder on the people left behind.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Night

My Saturday night
pretty much rocks.

How about yours?