Friday, March 5, 2010

Profiling Myself (Part 2)

Want to know more about my online dating extravaganza? Okay! That was what I wrote about myself. Here is the section that talked about what I was looking for in a potential date.

Translation: I am incredibly picky but I don't want to seem too crazy and judgmental this early in the game. I'm looking for someone who is taller than me, enough so that I can wear heels. You don't have to be Catholic like me, but you should believe in something. I'm assuming that since you paid to join this dating web site that you HAVE A JOB. I'm looking for someone who doesn't already have kids but definitely wants them at some point. It would be great if you went to college but I'd like you not to care more about your school's football team than I do about my Trojans. Please don't smoke. Please don't confuse you're and your. Please don't be a douche or a Gemini.