Friday, March 19, 2010

30. spend an entire day in bed

Yesterday I did nothing. Nothing at all. And I'm proud of it.
Because yesterday doing nothing meant accomplishing something.
Number 30 on my list-- spend an entire day in bed without being sick or feeling guilty. The caveat about not being sick or feeling guilty was really the important part of this goal. I have certainly done my share of lazing about, but what I really wanted was to give myself permission to just not worry for a day. Because I can worry like nobody's bidness; even when I'm trying to relax I have a hard time turning my brain off and not thinking about the things I'm supposed to get done. So yesterday was the perfect day for this. I was mostly done with my finals and projects and whatnot and I was pretty tired from the adventures the night before. So I just... relaxed.

The day went something like this:

5 am. Woke up when Bowie jumped off my bed started running around like a crazy beast. I checked my email and played on the internet.

Then I dozed off for a little while.

8ish. Woke up again. Went to the kitchen to fix myself some Spaghettios. Decided that it would not be a day for accomplishing tasks and snuggled back into bed.

Started watching the Jersey Shore.

11 am. Heated up a tortilla.

11:07 am. Heated up another tortilla.

11:45 am. Heated up another tortilla.

11:49 am. Heated up another tortilla. (I like tortillas.)

Watched more Jersey Shore.

2 pm. Naptime. Bowie joined in for this.

4 pm. Chatted.

4:45 pm. Got up. Yawned, stretched, and opened the curtains. Heated up another tortilla.

I spent the entire day lounging yesterday. It was wonderful. And today I got up full of vim and vigor, ready to run on the treadmill, finish up my homework, and tackle my to-do list.

Hello world, I think I'm ready for you now!