Friday, March 12, 2010


One of my friends recently asked me if Tahoe was in Yosemite. She prefaced this by saying that she felt really stupid for not knowing it, but she's from the East Coast so I think it's a permissible mistake. I also have another friend from the East Coast who once referred to Northern California as "Upstate California."

Anyhow, I told her not to feel bad because, really, I don't think I could name half the states on the East Coast and I'm pretty sure that some of them might actually be imaginary. And then I told her that, no, actually Tahoe isn't a part of Yosemite-- it is its own place. Basically Tahoe is located right on the border of California and Nevada. You know how California is, like, spooning Nevada? Well Tahoe is right where Nevada's butt is resting on California's crotch.

(from Google Maps)

Crystal clear, am I right?