Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Happy Thoughts!

Okay, Melissa and Swistle, I'll play your game. It would be easy for me to write a complainy post about how school is starting up again for the new quarter and I'm not ready yet and I'm nervous and how I got a parking ticket and I had trouble sleeping last night. No siree, I'm certainly not going to mention any of that! So. Happy thoughts. Here they are. HAPPY!

Today I woke up after only a few hours of sleep, feeling icky so I called in sick for clinical. I hate calling in sick. I don't know if it has more to do with the general vibe of where I used to work or just my own personal anxiety but I HATE it and I feel like I'm supposed to have a list of my symptoms ready and I feel like the person will be able to tell if I'm not really sick or that I'll SOUND like I'm not really sick even if I am. BUT today when I called and said simply "I don't think I can come in today, I am not feeling well" my preceptor was actually relieved because her day was going to be crazed and busy and so she happily rescheduled me. So the point here is that I got an unexpected day off today with zero guilty feelings about it! Happy!

Maybe I will go buy a new lab coat today.

I went grocery shopping yesterday. There is food in the fridge and cupboards for the first time in many moons.

I am getting my box of farm fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to my door tomorrow.

I ordered my books for this quarter. And I bought one of them from because it was actually about half the price it would have been on Amazon. I bought the rest on Amazon because they weren't cheaper on Half. Fascinating, I know, but it was nice to get a goodish deal.

I also ordered these tiny measuring spoons! Because they are so cute! I mean, uh, because I obviously need them for cooking.

Yesterday somebody told me they thought I would make a good mom someday. That made me smile because I love kids and I hope it's true.

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill and then swam in the pool for a little bit. It was incredibly refreshing.

Maybe I will run on the treadmill again today.


Easter candy!

I get to see my family this weekend. Including adorable small children.

I'm happy with my life list progress and excited to continue it.

I'm happy with my dating life and excited to continue it.

I got this duvet cover a few weeks ago and I really like it. I also bought new green jersey knit sheets which are pretty and cozy.

Bowie sleeps at the foot of my bed almost every night.

The leftover Thai food I am eating for lunch is delicious.

I am 2/3 done with the school year. Well, I've completed two out of the three quarters. I'm probably going to do clinicals this summer but I won't have classes. It's crazy-- I'm graduating in one year and three months!

I have fun things planned for next two weekends and for bits of summer as well.

Two of my plants are thriving, which is two more than I thought I would be able to keep alive.

I couldn't sleep very well last night so hopefully that means I will totally conk out tonight.

My apartment is clean right now, for the most part. I did a whirlwind tidy up over the weekend to prepare for this week. And now I have the day off so I will probably start a new Salvation Army box and weed some things out.

I'm thinking about possibly buying something new-- either a fancy camera or a LAPPY. It probably won't be until the summer, but the thought is still nice.

I'm going to Blogher! Is it too early to start deciding which shoes to bring?

My niece's birthday is coming up. I love birthdays.

My nieces text me from my sister's phone sometimes. It is awesome because I don't always know who it is right away. Like, I'll think it's my sister until she says something like "I'm playing outside."

I've been getting out and enjoying San Francisco a lot more than I used to. And I continue to be surprised and delighted by how much I like living here.

I got a package in the mail which included a picture frame with four different openings of different sizes. I think it will be fun to decide on and print photos to fit in the spaces.

I had a great spring break. I THINK I'm nicely rested and ready to start this next quarter.

Okay, I think I'll stop now. I took longer than the alotted 5 minutes but time limits tend to psych me out so that's probably for the best. And wouldja look at that? I'm totally high on life now. So! Your turn! Want to play? Happy thoughts all around! HAPPY!