Monday, February 8, 2010

Life Scavenger Hunt

  1. drink a dirty martini
  2. finish my zen organizing project
  3. learn to knit and/or crochet lovely things
  4. milk a cow
  5. find the perfect custard pie
  6. build a doll house
  7. learn the constellations
  8. recreate my grandmother's fudge recipe
  9. ride a unicycle
  10. publish a poem
  11. skinny dip somewhere tropical
  12. visit all 50 states
  13. learn to use a sewing machine
  14. give someone something I love because I know they'll love it more
  15. go backpacking
  16. see the glaciers
  17. learn glassblowing
  18. picnic in the park
  19. find out my blood type
  20. have and decorate my first Christmas tree
  21. enlarge and hang up my pretty Australia photos
  22. catch and cook a fish
  23. make my mom's strawberry preserves
  24. see the aurora borealis
  25. do volunteer work after a disaster
  26. jump off a very high rock into water
  27. make pickles
  28. travel through Europe
  29. try oysters
  30. spend an entire day in bed without being sick or feeling guilty
  31. climb a very tall tree
  32. pick a pineapple
  33. eat at a fancy restaurant without worrying about the price
  34. take the road to Hana
  35. sing a karaoke song by myself
  36. buy something from a street vending machine in Japan
  37. see the Nile
  38. do a race of some kind (5k, triathlon, ?)
  39. fire a gun
  40. have a romantic champagne toast
  41. learn sign language
  42. win the lottery (any amount)
  43. refinish my grandmother's cedar chest
  44. go to a drive in movie
  45. complete a 5000 piece puzzle
  46. have a trellis with climbing flowers
  47. double dutch jump rope
  48. host a fondue party
  49. learn my family history and make some kind of heirloom craft of it
  50. read all the Chronicles of Narnia books
  51. step onto the field at the LA Coliseum
  52. befriend a wild animal
  53. jump through a waterfall
  54. confidently drive a stick shift car
  55. see an Olympic sporting event
  56. go on a boating trip around a cluster of islands
  57. see ancient ruins
  58. write a book
  59. see if I can still do a 1.5 somersault off the diving board
  60. improve my posture
  61. catch a firefly
  62. kiss underwater
  63. take an ostentatious car for a test drive
  64. go out of my way to do something nice for a stranger
  65. see a duck billed platypus
  66. learn very proper table manners
  67. go through a secret passageway
  68. take pictures of my dad surfing
  69. get henna painted in India
  70. learn to do a flip turn
  71. memorize the 12 days of Christmas
  72. follow a rainbow
  73. keep chickens and goats
  74. invent or discover or build or donate something and name it after myself
  75. make sure my nieces know basic self defense
  76. soar
  77. visit a brewery
  78. make a large donation to charity
  79. attempt to break a Guinness world record
  80. take a long road trip
  81. have a spa day
  82. meet a famous person I really like
  83. send my mother a card for no occasion
  84. go on a safari
  85. ride bareback through a meadow with flowers in my hair
  86. roast chestnuts in an open fire
  87. learn to make a really good bloody mary
  88. see a whale jump in the ocean
  89. surprise someone with a fun mini vacation
  90. go camping and sing all the campfire songs from my childhood
  91. see an endangered animal in the wild
  92. scuba dive a sunken ship
  93. kiss the Blarney Stone
  94. go to a big music festival
  95. host a costume party
  96. learn to french braid
  97. take salsa, swing, or ballroom dancing lessons
  98. have breakfast in bed on my birthday
  99. make snow cones out of snow
  100. watch the sunrise
  101. grow good things to eat in my very own garden
  102. hug a sad stranger
  103. attend a ball
  104. do a back flip on a trampoline
  105. learn to shuffle cards the fancy way
  106. stand on a cantering horse
  107. build a tree house
  108. float down a river
  109. make pots and bowls on a pottery wheel
  110. go on vacation with my whole family
  111. help a friend accomplish something from their own life list
This is my list, for now. I'm sure I will come up with more things that I want to do as I start crossing these ones off, so I'll be updating from time to time. Also, this list assumes that we already know that I have big aspirations like finish school, get married, have babies, find a job I really like, own my dream home, etc. That stuff is the cake and this list is the icing, if you will.