Monday, November 30, 2009


A few words and phrases that irritate me, for your reading pleasure.

"Conversate" - Because it's not a word.

"Irregardless" - Also not a word.

"Orientate"- Apparently used widely in the UK, but I'm holding fast to my original belief that it is not a word.

"Myself"- When people use it incorrectly, such as "If anyone has a question, talk to Jon or myself." Jon or me, people, Jon or ME!

"That's a made up holiday." Yeah, well. They all were at some point.

"I'm a really good drunk driver."- No. YOU'RE NOT.

"Sherpa"- when used in reference to boots or other products with sheepskin in them. Because I'm sorry, but unless you've skinned a Himalayan mountain guide, your jacket IS NOT LINED WITH SHERPA.