Monday, March 22, 2010

Profiling Myself (Part 5: More Emails)

More email gems from my online dating extravaganza! If you're just tuning in now, go here and here to look at my profile. Go here and here for the other emails from potential soul mates.

hi ..................

Simply, I liked your profile cat and very beautiful pictures. And I love that your 5'8" ....would you like giving this a small chance?

Though a short message hope to hear from u soon... please ask any questions!

Seriously, send me an email !!!

My reaction to this one was my 5'8" what? MY 5'8" WHAT?

You didnt even try on your profile posting did you.. it took you like a minute..

Girls have it so easy.. they just shoot a photo and wait for the guys to line up and submit their applications to meet you.. Well not me mam.. I aint no sheep.

I've emailed 25 emails now in the past month or so.. I had 1 response, saying basically "no vegans".

I think this website works for women only.. what men do you actually respond to on this ? What do I have to put in my profile to get that to happen?

I have money, I'm young, attractive, fit, I'm a nice guy... and no responses.. what the heck???

This is why I'm just ranting at this point, since this is basically the last email I send before I join monkhood.


I would have said no vegans too but I don't even know where to begin.