Monday, August 10, 2009

Flip for it!

A few months ago, I got some reusable shopping bags. As is my usual way, I hemmed and hawwed over the decision and spent way too much time doing online research. And I finally picked out the ones from Flip & Tumble. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. (Which goes to show that sometimes my persnickety ways do pay off...).

These bags have transformed my good intentions (oh-sure-I-have-reusable-bags-I-just-don't-always-remember-to-use-them) to actual "I don't need a bag" action.

I take several of them to the store if I know I'll be buying a bunch of stuff. I also carry a couple of them in my purse with me at all times in case I need them and I have found that I do quite often need them. They are perfect for shopping and for those random times when I just need an extra bag.

I love the long strap that I can wear over my shoulder. I love that they are lightweight and compact enough to carry with me. I love that they are bright and fun colored and pop open all cutely. I LOVE THEM. Two thumbs up.