Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hiking: A Post in which I Annoy Some Cows

I went hiking a couple weeks ago! Have you ever been to Point Reyes? Neither had I!

We went to a trailhead entitled Bull Point Hike, which I laughed at because it sounded vaguely dirty. And then we wondered if we were going the wrong way.

Because, seriously? This is the trail?


Well, okay then. Let's go!

Hiking through a cow pasture is a lot like HIKING THROUGH A COW PASTURE. There was manure and flies. And there were cows who did not seem entirely too thrilled that we were invading their privacy. And mud puddles.

And this snake in the grass lurking like some kind of snake in the grass.

And a pile of driftwood?


But there was also the very pretty seashore that of course I didn't photograph and some lovely wildflowers. And lots of baby cows! I did get several pictures of them because Awwww!

And then afterwards we went out for burgers.