Monday, March 29, 2010

Lab Coat

I said maybe I would go buy a new lab coat today and lookee here I actually did it! Now perhaps you are wondering why I would go out and spend money on a new lab coat when I already have a perfectly adequate one?

Allow me introduce you to my alter-ego, Nurse Dowdy McFrumpleton.

You see I bought this coat about three years ago when I was taking my prerequisite anatomy class at LA City College in preparation for nursing school. We were dissecting (*gulp* EARMUFFS BOWIE) cats and therefore had to wear lab coats. So I bought this one cheaply and unenthusiastically. And I thought it would be fine for this year but recently I've been feeling rather BLAH in it.

Blah, hi, I guess I'll be your nurse or whatever.

Functionally it is fine I suppose and it fits all the requirements of a lab coat-- that it be white and shaped like a coat. But the fabric is thin and flimsy the sleeves are that weird mid-wrist length, and it is way too long and ballooney. Bah! Humbug!

I have been gearing up for Spring quarter and feeling like maybe I needed to revamp myself a little. And so today I went to the medical uniform store and purchased not one, but TWO new lab coats.

The fist one I couldn't resist because of the cute flowery pocket details.
Hello, I'll be your nurse today!

The second one was the one I was even more excited about because it has short little sleeves. This is a valuable feature based on the tremendous number of times I must wash my hands while working at the hospital. Since it is so short and short sleeved I think of it as more a nod to the traditional lab coat, but in a much more wearable, movable, makes me want to put on accessories and pose kind of way.

Hi there!!! I'm your nurse!!!!