Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Profiling Myself (Part 1)

My mom recently reminded me that she and my dad met on a blind date. They've been together for over 40 years. I think she told me this to try and make me feel less irritated at my family who keep making fun of me for my online dating.

That's right, I said ONLINE DATING.

I've been trying it. And it's been interesting.

It all started, as most good choices do, impulsively. I was at home on some particular night wondering what to do with myself. I started poking around on a dating site and before I knew it I was typing in my credit card number and trying to come up with a clever nickname since "Superjules" was already taken.

I had never thought I would try it. "I met my date/boyfriend/husband on the internet" never sounded to me like a desirable story.

But you know what an even less desirable story would be? DYING ALONE AND CHILDLESS, THAT'S WHAT.

So! With that attitude, I created my profile. In the interest of shamelessness, here it is!

Try not to judge me too much....

OMG. [Face getting hot.]

So, with my photos I basically tried to say: I'm cute! I have a tattoo! I like to party! I like going outside! I have a cat! I have friends! I wear glasses sometimes!
The profile was harder, the site had all these pages full of questions and I felt like I had to answer all of them. Well, all of them except INCOME, obviously (I'm a student-- my income would be in the negative numbers). And a lot of the sections were little boxes to check, but then the program automatically alphabetized them. So my profile makes it look like bowling is like my number one favorite activity of all time when in reality I could take it or leave it. I also said that I exercise 3-4 times per week. There wasn't a space for me to explain that by "exercise" I meant "I walk to and from the train."

I was initially worried that, oh geez, people looking for dates on the internet are just going to be creepy weirdos who can't get dates in real life, ugh. But then I was like, well, I'M on here and I'm normalish. Right?