Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

My friends and I went out last night! It was fun!
The proudest of the drinking holidays happened to coincide with the BEGINNING OF SPRING BREAK,  which probably explains the extreme level of enthusiasm we showed for it. Although truth be told we are people who already enjoy dressing up all fancy-like.
I don't have the energy to describe the evening right now. Yes that's right-- I am TOO EXHAUSTED TO TYPE.

But I think the photos tell the story better anyhow....

We got ready:
I know it is all blurry and red-eyey but try to ignore that and focus on our spectacular getups.

We waited for the cab:
Ah yes, nothing hotter than a crotch shot.

 We wandered the streets:
This young gentleman introduced himself as Steamboat.

We had some drinkies:

We had some more drinkies:

We had on fabulous makeup:

We danced:

We tossed aside our woes:
I thought of myself as some sort of St. Patrick's Day superhero.
In trouble? Never fear, Superjules is here! To make your problems disappear! With beer!