Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girl Talk: ARG!

Okay, so nothing is really WRONG. In fact, you could say that my life is actually pretty wonderful right now. But Girl Talk Thursday wants a list of the things that are pissing me off so I'm going to oblige. I don't make the rules!

Personal space violations. See this two foot zone encircling me? This is MY dance space.

Yesterday's in-class group project. Me: So with this patient I think we should start by screening her for depression since she has all these red flags and then maybe do a dementia workup if it's indicated and also assess her functional level. What do you guys think? Everyone else: *crickets*

People who don't recycle because "one person can't make a difference so it doesn't matter." I take similar issue with people who don't vote for that reason.

The fact that I was tossing and turning last night because, arg, BECAUSE I was having dreams that I was trying to sleep but kept having nightmares.

When people say that The Office has gotten lame and boring now that Jim and Pam are together and all happily in love. DUDE. Them two, like, gave me hope when I was looking at a tattered and bleak world. Maybe someday, I thought, someday someone will love me as much as Jim loves Pam?

People who use mouthwash instead of brushing their teeth. Not the same.

People who base their opinions about vaccines on television, blogs, web sites with an agenda, and rumors. If you're really concerned about something and want to make an informed decision, maybe take a look at the scientific research for yourself? Crazy, I know!

Indirectness. I WILL NOT PICK UP ON YOUR SUBTLETY. It is completely lost on me.


People who walk all over other people.

When people text at the movies. If you sit down in front of me, keep your phone in your pocket. Or else.

Everyone at the airport. OMG. Is it just that the airport brings out the worst in people or do I just hate everyone? Because I hate everyone at the airport. EVERYONE.

Public transportation delays, fee increases, and route changes.

When I feel all sad and weepy but can't figure out why so I overanalyze my life and my recent interactions. And then I still can't come up with why I feel so upset and then it dawns on me: hormones! Just like last month!

The fact that Victoria's Secret and Macy's have both discontinued the undies I liked.