Tuesday, February 2, 2010

butter me up

There is no butter in my fridge. And I have recently been to the market. What started off as a moment of forgetfullness has blossomed into a calculated maneuver. I'm going butterless.

If you are thinking that this is some sort of high and mighty oh-look-at-me-and-my-fancy-health-consciousness then let me introduce you to the package of Oreos in my kitchen cabinet. I may or may not have eaten six two just now.

No, this is an experiment. I want to see what life is like when butter isn't a choice. Because truth be told sauteeing vegetables in olive oil is fine but man oh man there is nothing like slathering a fat hunk of butter onto a piece of white toast. Or white rice. Or plain noodles. Apparently "putting butter on stuff" is actually my code for "eating processed food." And while I'm not making a pledge here to cut out all things processed (Oreos!), I am taking a small, cautious step away from them. Hold me.