Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Worst Game Ever

This past weekend (SSTOA FTW!), Jenny introduced me to a horrible, horrible game that she apparently likes to play with her sister. It's a version of "Would You Rather...?" with an awful twist. She bombarded me with questions like:

"Would you rather make out with this weirdo from our elementary school class or that weirdo from our elementary school class?

"Would you rather sleep with this creepy dive bar dude or that creepy dive bar dude?

"Would you rather be married to your crazy sociopath ex or my crazy sociopath ex?"

Oh my God. THESE ARE QUESTIONS I NEVER WANT TO HAVE TO ANSWER. Because, neither! NEITHER! NONE OF THE ABOVE! But you have to pick. She MAKES you. So it's just the worst game ever. The questions are horrible. The answers are horrible. The justifications to the answers are horrible (Um. I guess your (Jenny's) crazy sociopath ex? Because he's not as likely to become a murderer?). But the game, it is somehow addicting.