Friday, February 5, 2010

Any Leafy Green

So I get this box of Farm Fresh Fruits and Veggies delivered to my door every other week. And I LOVE IT. It's like... a fun surprise, a grocery shopping trip, and a pat on the back for being healthful all wrapped up in one little package at my door.

Apparently now is the season for leafy greens. I keep getting them. Remember when I asked you what the heck this was, and how to cook it? Even though not everyone agreed on what exactly it could be, most of you said "saute that thang, sucka." You seem to be presuming I know how to saute (sautee?).

No matter, I'll just take a shot in the dark here. I now present to you, dear people of the world, my recipe for cooking Any Leafy Green, even if you aren't sure what it is. Prepare yourselves for sauteed (sauted?) awesomeness.

Okay, here's whatcha do. First, ready your leafy green. Looks like I've got Bok Choy today (right?).

Then, put your skillet on the stove and pour in some olive oil.

Now toss in your Leafy Greens. And, like, stir them around or whatever. Next, add some real lemon juice.

It's real lemon juice, see? Says so on the bottle.

Put down your camera and close the bottle top and now put the lemon juice back in the fridge. Don't accidentally put your camera in the fridge-- you will feel like a breathtaking idiot. Ahem.

Moving on.

Stir your Leafy Greens around. And maybe put the lid on that pan and let the heat do the damn thang.

Mmmm, sweaty.

After a little while taste your Leafy Green to make sure it is done, then turn off the heat and, you know, nom it up!