Monday, April 12, 2010

105. learn to shuffle cards to fancy way

Okay. So. Jenny decided that she wanted to check off Learn How to Play Poker from her life list so she coerced Daniel into inviting us over and teaching us. And I took a look at my own list and realized, hey! I could learn to shuffle cards the fancy way! Except that no one I asked seemed to know how to do that and I felt kind of discouraged. But then I explained to Jenny that nono I didn't mean THIS:
I just meant that I was tired of shuffling cards by cutting the deck and then smooshing all the cards back together. And she was like "Oh so you meant you wanted to learn how to shuffle cards AT ALL."



So! We went over to Daniel's house. First I demonstrated how I typically shuffle.

And then Jenny instructed me.
And I didn't get it right away. And that was frustrating. Or, rather, it would have been frustrating if I Daniel hadn't been so prompt with my drink refills. But I realized that THAT is probably the reason I didn't learn to do this at some earlier time in my life. Because I wasn't good at it right away so I just gave up. Huh. And it dawned on me that that is the case with a number of items on my life list-- learning to do flip turns or sew on a sewing machine or drive stick shift car. I tried it once or twice or seventeen times, I couldn't do it right, and elected to live my life without that skill. But NOW. Now I've made the commitment to learn these things and I am nothing if not stubborn, as demonstrated here.

Emily told me to just keep practicing. So I did. I practiced while we drank our drinkiepies, while we gossiped, while we ate our snackies (including FUDGE made by Emily which, OMG nom nom nom), and while Daniel tried to teach us how to play poker (And, yeah, looking at the videos on Jenny's post, I can see how aggravating it must be to try to teach us. Or even MAINTAIN OUR ATTENTION for more than eleven second intervals).

But I practiced

 and practiced

and practiced

and practiced

and practiced.
In other news, OH HAI I HAVE ELBOWS. I don't know why I had my arms positioned like that. But let me tell you it was the ONLY way I could do it. I tried to keep them at my sides and it felt uncomfortable and unnatural, see?

And then!

I did it!

And we used the deck I had so thoroughly shuffled to play!
And then Jenny took all my imaginary money. And we hung out until the wee hours of the morn and continued imbibing beverages AND played a little game I like to call Truth or Ask Jenny Anything and She'll Tell You. It's really fun! Because you can ASK JENNY ANYTHING AND SHE'LL TELL YOU.
And now! She can play poker and I can shuffle cards the regular fancy way! And Daniel is hereby hired as our own personal Life List Facilitator.