Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bathroom: Before

I know I haven't mentioned my zen organizing project in awhile and truthfully it's because I was backsliding a little bit. I was starting feel like I might not be able to get my WHOLE apartment zenned. Even after tackling the big projects like my bedroom and living room, I began wondering if it would really be so bad to just halfheartedly shove the rest of my crap into various drawers and slam them shut?

With a sigh and a groan, I opened the book. And the author, SHE KNEW! Regina Leeds already knew how I was feeling! She's all, Hey now. How ya hanging in there? Starting to feel tired of this? Are you thinking that maybe other people can zen their lives and homes but it's a bit too much for you since you are so busy/overworked/stressed out? Are you wondering what you were thinking, taking on a big organization project when you're already pressed for time and energy? Well. Um. Yeah. HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT??

The book knew what I was thinking because apparently that's what people do-- we "sing the same song" (as she put it) over and over again. We fall back on our reasons for not being organized in the first place. I don't have time... I'm just not an organized person... I'm stuck with this or that situation... I can't make cleaning my first priority... and so on.

What really needs to change, according to the book, is my "song." Well fine then.

I can get organized. I want my apartment to be a place of comfort and energy. Relaxation. Replenishment. Contentment. Space. ZEN. My home is where I spend the most time, and I will make it a sanctuary.

This month, the goal is to make my bathroom like a spa. It's current condition is, well, not quite spa-like....

Here's the counter.

And the human (and feline) necessity region.

The shower with that irritating organizer that always falls forward and scares the hell out of me.

And the storage shelf.

Sigh. Groan.

I can get organized. I want my living space to be aesthetically pleasing and full of positive energy. I will make my bathroom into spa-like oasis. ZEN.