Monday, April 12, 2010

UPR Hoover Windtunnel Rewind

I had no idea how much a vacuum could revolutionize my life. Wow. See, when I first moved into this apartment I bought some janky little wee vacuum for under $30. For awhile I thought it was fine because it made noise like a vacuum and I had to empty it of dust and dirt and whatnot. But recently I decided to buy a new one because I had been noticing several things:
  1. I hate sweeping. I HATE YOU, SWEEPING. And your bastard cousin, dusting.
  2. Even after I used my little vacuum there seemed to still be hair and junk on the rug.
  3. I had been using the little vacuum less and less because it doesn't satisfyingly clean up. Which meant I could either have less tidy floors or be forced to SWEEP. So I usually just had grosser floors.
I went to Target yesterday with the knowledge that I was willing to spend somewhere up to around $150 for A BIG SUCKER. So I picked out the Hoover Windtunnel Rewind because it seemed to fit all my requirements and was on sale for $99. And then I brought it home and vacuumed the 3/4 of the rug. And then, uh, had to empty the canister because, ick, it was already at the MAX level. And then I vacuumed the whole rug again and the rest of the apartment.

My only complaint so far is that when you empty the canister of yuck, it doesn't make a satisfying "click!" when you attach it back on to let you know it's in the right spot. I would like to feel CONFIDENT that my vacuum isn't going to start spewing dust everywhere when I turn it on. But. Other than that, I love this vacuum. It is a big, big sucker. It was so satisfying that I meant to just test it out but ended up happily vacuuming my whole apartment. And I don't like to vacuum (or SWEEP. Go to hell, sweeping). So I think that I'm much more likely to actually vacuum now. Plus the floors are appreciably cleaner than they were with my other methods. So. Take that, sweeping.