Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been friends with Jenny for twenty years. Which is insane to think about. TWENTY YEARS. Because, gah, I can't believe I'm old enough to have known somebody for that long and to remember when I met her. And also, it's pretty awesome that we've stayed friends, close friends, for this long.

We are the coolest people you know.
Oh yeah.
In twenty years, she has seen me at my best and brightest. She has seen me at my worst and most embarrassing. She used to put me in a headlock and yank me around the playground when we were little kids. She can STILL hip carry me like a child. She can follow my insane thought processes. She has seen me make mistakes and not judged me. She can point out my flaws in a way that doesn't make me feel like a bad person. She has written strongly worded letters on my behalf. She deals with my computery problems that I don't understand. She stayed on the phone with me when I had to call 911. I've called her a few, okay, MANY times upset and weepy and she calms me down and then tells me to do something to make myself feel better-- pour yourself a drink, she'll say, here I'm pouring myself one, too.

On weekends when we were in high school sometimes we'd go to the Catalyst or sometimes we'd just end up on the rooftop of the parking garage, taking pictures and screwing around. You know, like everyone did. Right?

What? Oh yes. That's me wearing snow leopard pants with ZERO IRONY. Also, please note that we are both wearing tiaras.

I came to visit her freshman year of college and we were both perfectly content to hang out on the lawn in front of her dorm and make daisy chains.
We always have fun--whether we are out partying or sitting at home hanging out. We drove all the way to LA and back together and did not shut up the ENTIRE time.

It's not her birthday.
It's not any special day.
But any day is a good day to tell someone you love them, right?
Miss Jenny, you are awesome. Thanks for being my friend.