Friday, January 22, 2010

Wanna hear something frustrating?

Well good. Because I have something!

I just erased like SIX PARAGRAPHS of introduction that basically say this: My nursing program requires taking a Master's level Research Meth0ds class. I have already taken a Master's level Research Meth0ds class.

I found out on the first day of Research Meth0ds that I can fill out an application to be exempt from Research Methods. So I did. I turned it in on January 8.

On January 9, I sent my professor the following email (names have been changed ever so slightly):

Hi Dr. Teacherperson,
I submitted my request for exemption to your box yesterday. I just wanted to make sure that you received it. If you have any questions about the Research Meth0ds course I took, please let me know.
Thank you!
Julia B. Super

Later that day I received this email from the professor:

I am out of town and will be back next week.

On January 19 I sent the following email:
Hi Dr. Teacherperson, Sorry to bother you again. I was wondering if you were back in town and had a chance to take a look at my exemption request? Please let me know if there are any developments.
Thank you! :)
Julia B. Super

Annnnnnd nothing. No response.

So today I sent the exact same email again.

Wanna know what I got back?


I never recieved your documents in my mailbox.

Well. Isn't that just peachy? Can I just climb up onto my proverbial soapbox and rant for a moment? Because, first of all, WHAT? You never recieved my documents? At all? Did you really check? Because I did. I'm just eversoslightly obsessive compulsive like that and I checked many times to make sure that (1) I had the correct documents and (2) that I was leaving them in the right place. So are you SURE? Because if you didn't get them, WHERE DID THEY GO?
Second, and more importantly, when exactly were you planning to tell me this? Because I understand that you were out of town and all but it's been two weeks since I turned in that paperwork and I have been OBVIOUSLY waiting for an answer so if you didn't have the paperwork it might have been a good idea to let me know sometime in the past fourteen days. Fourteen days. Two weeks. Two weeks of waiting around, wondering when I was going to hear about my exemption status. Two weeks of being enrolled in and attending and doing work for a class that I might not even have to take. And? I HAVE EMAILED YOU SEVERAL TIMES.

*gasp* *pant*


It's a good thing I'm going out, but lord have mercy on the doucheknocker who hits on me tonight.