Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jewels vs. Nuts

A couple weeks ago I tried to go to my blog page and I got this instead:

And I was confused. Because WHERE DID MY BLOG GO? Was it hacked? Did I need to renew my use of the url? Did I need to report it to google to fix it? What the hell?

But you know what? I didn't care. Because I had kind of been looking for a reason to make a switcheroo anyhow. I had been thinking that perhaps a fresh new start for the fresh new year might involve a fresh new url and a fresh new email address. Should I say fresh new again? FRESH NEW!

Jules vs. Nuts. Why that, you ask? Well, after the confusion surrounding Royal Jewels, I had been unsure of what to call my blog. So I left it untitled. And then Jenny and I went to the Emerald Bowl on December 26th to wear ponchos, drink beer in the rain, and watch mah Trojans take on BC.
As we were walking in, Jenny turned to me and said "Ohhhh I thought it they meant jewels, not nuts." And I said "Oh HAR HAR. Thanks for bringing THAT up again." And Jenny said "No no..." and pointed to a large inflatable arch with the Emerald logo. Apparently, the Emerald Bowl was sponsored by EMERALD NUTS.
And then I said, "WHY IS THERE SO MUCH CONFUSION BETWEEN JEWELS AND NUTS IN MY LIFE?" And Jenny said "I think we just found your new blog name."

I think it is very appropriate. Because much of my life involves me, Jules, versus nuts-- the crazy people in my life, the crazy thoughts in my own head, and, occasionally, balls.

So. Welcome. I migrated all my old posts over here so you should feel right at home. Except I am a little sad because none of the comments came with them so things are looking kind of bare. If you want to go through and leave all the same comments you did again, I wouldn't be opposed. Kidding, of course. Or am I? Anyhow, I'm making a fresh new start and I'm very excited about it. Lookout, internet, Julesy's got a new soapbox!