Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today! My box of farm fresh fruits and veggies arrived at my door. It's like getting a little surprise package. And it makes my fruit bowl look so nicely full and overflowing with nature's bounty:

And I also receive some things I wouldn't normally buy, prompting me to branch out and experiment with something new. Such as this, uh leafy green whatever it is:

Seriously, what is it? And how do I cook it?

Speaking of questions-- how does one wash tights? When I thought about asking this question, I tried to think how people might respond. And then I thought of handwashing them. But just be aware that if you tell me to handwash them you are basically telling me to never wash them. Which is kind of my policy right now.

Also, I had to get some blood drawn today. When the phlebotomist went to jab me, he noticed my tattoo and said "oh, I guess you're probably okay with needles, haha!" And I wanted to say Actually no, that is a different kind of needle and I didn't exactly premedicate today but instead I just said what I usually say when I'm caught off guard: "Heh."