Thursday, January 28, 2010

Girl Talk: Beautification

I'm counting this as a Girl Talk Thursday post even though it is [gulp] SATURDAY. No one will notice if I backdate it, right?

So. My beauty secrets.

I don't wash my hair every day. I do bathe every day, but my hair only gets washed every 2-3 days. I find it looks prettiest the day after the day after I wash it. That sounds weird, but it means that if I'm going to a wedding or something on Saturday, I'll wash my hair on Thursday night to maximize teh purty.

Sunscreen! I wear sunscreen every day. And now I've totally become my mother in that when I go basking, I don't actually lay out in the sun but instead tend to sit under an umbrella with a floppy hat on my head, tsking at the sunbathers.

I only wear clothes that fit well and that satisfy my insane as-yet-undocumented clothing rules that I will lay out in another post. The point here is that I feel pretty if my clothes look nice AND feel nice.

Violet highlights. I've stopped the insanity of getting blonde highlights in my dark brown hair. I now get these violet panels that start, uh, in the underneath part of my hair. So my hair's growth isn't as striking as blonde highlights and DARK ROOTS. Also, the violet fades over time, but it fades in such a way the color just gets lighter and continues to look, well, violet. This means the upkeep can be as minimal or maximal as I my current attention level/financial situation.

Accessories. Nothing says IGNORE MY CHIN CLEFT like an interesting necklace.

Eye makeup. A few months ago I, newly single and ready to mingle, stumbled into Sephora and threw myself at the mercy of the nice ambiguously gay gentleman who worked there. He taught me the following: put on eyeliner. Then take your finger and apply cream eyeshadow to your lids, smudging the eyeliner as you go. Start at the outside of your eye and move inward toward your nose. Insta-smoky eyes! Now add some mascara and blow yourself a kiss in the mirror, you sexy thang, you.