Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Vegas Thoughts

I keep meaning to tell the following favorite moment stories from Vegas. Now's a good time, right?

- Friday (AKA The Longest Day of My Life). On the plane. Jenny and I have been up since 4:01 am. We ate our snacks, we drank our drinkies. We are landing.
Jenny: Oh my god I have to pee so bad.
Julia: hmm.
[5 minutes later]
Jenny: OHMYGOD I have to pee SO BAD.
Julia: Stop talking about it!
Jenny: Why are you being so mean to me?
Julia: Oh. I have to pee too. Sorry. Did I not say that?

- In the hotel room, Sunday. Everyone else has at least semi gotten up and started to take steps toward getting ready to leave. I am still curled up in bed.
Jenny: Get up.
Julia: No.
Jenny [grabs Julia by the hand and FORCIBLY PULLS HER OUT OF BED. She picks up Julia from the bed, carries her on her hip like a child and plunks her down on the chair]: Get dressed.

- In the lobby, waiting for @sincethursaday to finish checking out.
Jenny: Do you think I could sit down on this suitcase without falling over?
Julia: I don't know....
Jenny [sits down on suitcase, suitcase topples over, Jenny goes sprawling onto the ground, lays there on the cool tile until she notices strangers beginning to stare]
Julia: I guess not.