Thursday, January 14, 2010

HI! Or, more specifically, HIGH!

Yesterday. It started out like a normal day. I got up, did my morning routine, maybe I'll pause here and take a moment for some obsessive compulsiveness. Would you like to see how I set up my kitchen counter at night, in preparation for the morning?:

That would be my large cloth bag for snacks, small cloth bag for my breakfast, silverware, my travel tea mug (with teabag) and lid, and a plate and knife for buttering my toast and a spoon for stirring sugar into my tea-- all neatly arranged and ready to go. It takes me about thirty seconds to arrange it like this in the evenings but if I don't do that it takes me nearly twenty minutes longer to get ready in the morning. It's like some sort of time continuum malfunction.

But back to my story: So I did my morning routine, hopped on the MUNI and headed over to school. Sitting in my first class of the day, I started to eat my breakfast-- tea and toast. I soon realized that during my commute my toast had gotten rather cold and hard so I ate only a few bites, but I did drink all of my tea. I don't drink tea every day (just on days when it is necessary that I be awake in the morning) and I never drink tea without eating something along with it.

This is important because: halfway through class I realized that I was listening to the lecture, filling out the homework sheet, doing my reading for my last class of the day, and looking through all of my syllabi and entering the important dates on my calendar ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And then I was so jittery and energetic that I took the STAIRS up to the 7th floor for my second class of the day. Aha, I thought, so THIS is a caffeine high! And I kept thinking it would go away but all day long I was a little bundle of exuberance and fervor. It was kind of strange, but on the other hand kind of awesome because I had such an animated and productive day. So. Caffeine. Yes.