Monday, May 24, 2010

No Good Reason

Apparently May has become the Month of the Materialistic Posts! To that end, here is a list of things I want for no good reason, and lots of reasons NOT to want them.

1. rotary dial phone.
I only have a cell phone, not a house line. I have no current plans to get a house line. Rotary dial phones are cumbersome, inconvenient, and outdated. But I want. Cuz LOOK!
Photo Courtesy of happydayvintage's Etsy listing

2. VCR
Again, outdated and cumbersome. And VHS tapes take up more room than DVDs. ALSO, they don't even make VHS tapes anymore. Also, they are lower quality. But there's just something about them that I like.

3. frogs
I started reading Maria's review of the ecoaquarium and frogs and at the beginning I was like FROGS plucked from their native habitat and put in the MAIL for people to receive as pets? How horrible and dangerous and inhumane! But by the end of it I kind of wanted some. I have a rather needy cat who would (a) probably not enjoy losing some of my attention and/or (b) eat the frogs. So, no. No frogs for me. But I'm surprisingly having to hold myself back from impulsively spending thirty bucks on them.

4. collection of teapots
I have two. I neither make tea in pots nor host fancy dress up tea parties. But I want many, many teapots of different shapes and sizes and it is only storage space and the desire to not look like a CRAZY TEAPOT LADY that holds me back.

5. trampoline.
My bone surgeon father would certainly not approve. They are dangerous. They take up a lot of room. I live in an apartment so obviously I have no space for one. They are DANGEROUS!!! But bouncing! Fun!

6. dollhouse bookshelf
I love knicky knackies and I love dollhouses. Wouldn't it be cute to have one of those book shelfy things up on my wall? Not one of those $400 ones they sell at Pottery Barn or some garbage like that, but one like this.
Photo courtesy of The Dainty Squid's blog post.

I can't link directly to her post for some reason but she found it at the local Goodwill and I am heinously jealous.