Tuesday, July 28, 2009

quick update

- I had a nice birthday. Lovely hugs, phone calls, comments on blog, tweets, etc (THANK YOU HUNNIES!). And nice presents.

- I thought I was just having bad allergies like I do at my parents' house (usually from any or all of the following: dust, pollen, grass, animals, wood smoke, unfamiliar perfumes, more dust, more pollen) but it turns out that I have an actual cold. The kind with poppy/clogged ears, one of those keep-you-up-all-night dry tickling coughs, and a runny nose that responds neither to sniffling nor blowing. The good news is that if I'm going down I'm taking EVERYONE in my family with me since we all shared sodas at the kiddie park yesterday.

- Every night this week one of my sisters has been making a "signature cocktail" for the day. On my birthday it was POG and passion fruit rum.

- My dad is planning to do his magic show tomorrow night.

- I'm taking Miss Grace out to lunch tomorrow (well, today rather). We have lots to catch up on and I especially want to give her lovey hugs because her grandpa just died and that is just difficult and suckey.

- My life is still teeming with drama but between this cold, the signature cocktails, and the variety of medications from the bottom of my sister's purse it feels as though I'm experiencing conversations and events through a layer of cotton or that my brain has a sweater on over it or... some other way of explaining that I feel like I'm more an observer than an active participant so the upswing is that I've been less weepy than I might have otherwise been.