Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jules, RN

Yesterday, I woke up to congratulatory text messages from two people in my class, so before I even knew, I knew.

(You can go to this web site and type in the name to see if that person has an RN license. Once people in my class started taking the test, we all started searching for each other's names to see who passed and when they found out.)

So I got up, went to the web site, typed in my name and THERE IT WAS. I passed. I passed the NCLEX. I am officially a Registered Nurse.

Today, I got this in the mail.

You might not be able to tell in this pic, but that shiny square in the lower right hand corner says "RN." That's me, RN. Royal Nutcase. Rambling Nobody. Rustic Napper. Registered effing Nurse.

Thank you to everyone who sent me happy thoughts or good vibes or who kept your fingers metaphorically crossed for me. Here is a little something for you: {{{ big wet slobbery kiss }}}