Monday, November 2, 2009

My Zen Kitchen

Oh man. I can't even begin to get into all of this insanity. Lets just say I'm VERY HAPPY that October has ended. A brand new month for a brand new start!

So. Remember how I mentioned I have this book? About organization? And I was going to talk about it? And then I didn't? Well here we are! This here is the book: One Year to an Organized Life. My sister raved about it and I was like "oh, suuuure." But then she sent it to me and I started reading it. And I think it's working.

The first chapter encourages you to start with January-- even if it's not January! That's okay! Just start with the January chapter in whatever month you want to start. And the January chapter involves improving your kitchen. There is a lot of stuff in the book that makes me roll my eyes. Make a dream board? Write dedicated journal entries? Yeah, I'll get right on that. But even some of the foofy stuff worked for me. Like: Imagine your dream kitchen. What's in it? What is NOT in it? How can you change your kitchen to make it a organized, functional, and pleasant?

I had a whole month to turn my kitchen into a zen space. And I am learning to think about appreciating the SPACE in my life, as opposed to hanging onto clutter. I'm also learning to not keep stuff just because I bought it or somebody gave it to me or because I think I might need it.

Okay, so, remember how my kitchen looked before? I think I will re-post the before photos so you can really appreciate the change.

Before, left side of the sink:

After, left side of the sink:

The book also encourages you to take note of your habits and then try to change them. This area on the left side of the sink represents my attempt at that-- I always tended to walk into my house and dump all my stuff onto the counters. Now I generally keep the counters clear, except for this one area by the sink where I'm allowed to keep important papers for the day/week.

Okay, anyhow. Before, right side of the sink:

After, right side of the sink:

Notice my new jars from the Goodwill that almost match the old ones?

Before, left side of the stove:

After, left side of the stove:

Those little colorful jars? Vintage tupperware spice containers that I got off Etsy (after this happened). And those yellow bowls are vintage Pyrex that I'm using to keep my fruit (the large one) and my teabags (the smaller one). That little yellow sugar bowl is also vintage from Etsy. I decided I was allowed to buy stuff that would make my kitchen a more pleasing space....

Before, right side of the stove:

After, right side of the stove:

Whatcha think?