Friday, November 20, 2009

Things I would have never done in LA

Since I lived in LA for eight years, I tend to say that I'm "from" there (despite the fact that I lived in the city where I grew up for eighteen years). I loved living in LA and I was sad to leave. But it turns out that I like San Francisco, too. I tell people this: "I thought I would just tolerate living here for 3 years, but I actually really like it!" and then they look at me funny because all they asked was "how's it goin?"

Here's a short list of things that I do now that I probably would not have done in LA:

- take public trans instead of drive
- walk instead of take public trans
- have separate garbage receptacles for trash, recycle, AND compost
- experience a reverse commute
- use the term "reverse commute"
- get farm fresh fruits and veggies delivered to my door
- eat farm fresh fruits and veggies
- drink water from a Klean Kanteen
- drink water
- wear layers
- use glass tupperware
- bring my own silverware to school
- use cloth napkins
- search high and low for organic milk in glass bottles

Look at me, I'm turning into a Bay Area hippie!