Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Bedroom Sanctuary

According to my organization book, I had one month to try and turn my bedroom into a lovely space wherein I could feel comfortable and content. A sanctuary, if you will. I was also supposed to organize my closet but I decided to give myself extra time for that because of other priorities and also because my closet is not technically located inside my bedroom (so ha!). Even without including the closet I didn't get to do everything I would have liked but for now I am satisfied with the organization progress and plan to move on to the next book chapter/area in my house.

Here we go. Remember how my bedroom looked before? I'll include the before pics so we can have a really good comparison:

Before, the weird, too-short-built-in unusable desk/inconvenient shelf area:

After, the still weird, too-short-built-in unusable desk/inconvenient shelf area, now with fewer boxes and more usable shelves:

I haven't had a chance to have shelves installed like I want, but I think I the pre-assembled Ikea bookcase fits in nicely atop the faux desk area.

Before, a closer look at the desk clutter area:

After, the desk de-cluttered:

It still feels a little strange not to have to clear things out of the way when I want to get my pajamas out or to have to wrestle that broken drawer back into the mini dresser.

Before, my bedside table:

After, my bedside table:

I'm learning to appreciate and keep open space empty instead of wanting to put stuff in it "to display" or use it as a place to throw things "temporarily."

Before, my bed:

After, my bed:

Not much different there except now it has flannel sheets because SF has apparently realized that December has arrived. Ahhhh, cozy.

You like?