Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girl Talk: Workin Girl

I would love to tell you all about my jobs and school and the several different things that I am doing right now with my life. However, I have an 8 page paper due tomorrow that I have not started plus a midterm to do tonight.

The thing about being a nurse is that most people have at least some vague idea of what that might entail. When I used to tell people "I'm an activity director. I work at an adult day health care center" they would tend to say "oh.... huh...." and then stare at my blankly or else look around the room for somebody else to talk to. Sometimes I really enjoy explaining the nuances of what I do, the myriad of different career avenues available in this field, the specific specialty that *I* have chosen and how amazing it is. And then sometimes I like to just be able to say this:

I'm a nurse.