Sunday, November 15, 2009

Classy N Stuff

(Written by Miss Grace)

This weekend, we:
  • Drank vodka out of a water bottle in a CVS parking lot.
  • Found myself on the wrong side of watching the sun rise.
  • NARROWLY avoided an Everclear concert. At Club Disney (henceforth whenever you find yourself in a less than ideal situation, remind yourself, "Self," you'll say, "At least you aren't at an Everclear concert. In Anaheim."
  • While ragging on said concert, said that I (Jenny) couldn't think of a single band I would rather see LESS. Ten minutes later, we've sort of moved on to a new subject, Turducken says, "What about Nickelback?" Touché.
  • Watched this fight. it? I (Jenny) don't like boxing. At all.
  • Drove. A LOT.
  • Changed in the street. As in, the kind of changing where you get naked. As in, the middle of the street.
  • Some other stuff, but it's not seeming very clear just now.