Thursday, November 19, 2009


So the storage space in my bedroom has always kind of bothered me. Rather, the lack of usable and organizable storage space in my bedroom has bothered me. Let me show you what I mean:

The desk is too low and too in a corner for me to ever have the desire to sit at it. So I crammed some drawers under it and made it into a makeshift dresser area. But then I started piling stuff on top of it and that got out of hand. So now that area is a storage/mess region. And the shelves. THE SHELVES.

Notice anything missing?

Seriously. Want a hint?

See? MISSING SHELVES. So my question is this: why would they add built-in shelf space without including the shelves? What is the purpose of these large box-areas? Am I supposed to be displaying art or hunting trophies there? I know I know, the shelving would be be easy to add. I've already set this in motion by whining to most of the boys I know so hopefully it will happen soon. But still. Why aren't the shelves already there?