Monday, June 8, 2009

Have I mentioned my love of unicorns?

I don't think I'll need to anymore. I think it's pretty obvious now....

I think he did a really good job on the outline, what with all my squirming and writhing.

As for the FAQs:
Yes, getting it hurt. Especially the inner arm bits (the tail and part of a rose).
Yes, I'm going to get it filled in with color. I'm thinking red/green for the roses and some pretty mystical colors for the unicorn and background.
No, people at the hospital don't act weird about it. I've been getting lots of compliments from everybody from patients to doctors.
No, it doesn't hurt very much at all anymore. It feels really good to have Vitamin A & D ointment on it, which is kind of a pain because it gets all over everything.
I went to George at Seventh Son. He was excited about doing a unicorn and designed it for me based on my feeble attempts at describing what I wanted ("Um. I want it to be really pretty and, like, triumphant? And magical looking. But not too overly realistic or cartoony."). He researched different photos of unicorns and was able to have in-depth conversations with me about the shape of its mouth and the swish of its tail.
Yes, tattoos are awesome, you should get one.