Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finishing up

I'm almost done! I'm almost done! I'M ALMOST DONE!!!

One of my professors scheduled an extra class next Monday to make up for us "missing" class on Memorial Day (wtf? who does that? it was a holiday, it doesn't need to be made up) but I won't be able to go to it since I will be starting my prep class for the NCLEX on that day. So that effectively makes this week MY LAST WEEK!!

And what a week it is. I had Labor & Birth yesterday in which we watched a movie and then had a warm fuzzies session. Then, in Community Health we presented our project and watched other group presentations. Labor & Birth clinicals ended last week, so I'm off today. And our class was cancelled, so I'm off tomorrow. I just have one last real clinical day at the TB program on Thursday, and then on Friday my group will celebrate our last day by going out to eat or bowling or drinking or something.

Somewhere in there I MUST find one final boost of energy to finish my last paper. My LAST PAPER! I'M ALMOST DONE!!

On an unrelated note, I was assigned to a "buddy" from next year's class so I can meet up with her and tell her about the program and give her some words of wisdom. The only words I have so far come up with for her are "Oh.... man. Good luck" coupled with a pitying head nod.