Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This and That

Remember when I ranted about shopping for bras? Well I went back to Victoria's secret and tried on, like, everything they would hand me. I even gritted my teeth and accepted their 34A box... AND... they didn't fit. So apparently Victoria's Secret makes not a bra that properly fits me knockas. So I left. I then went to Target and lo and behold. Bras! That fit and flatter me! In a myriad of colors and patterns! For 9.99-12.99 each!! Score! I would include pictures but that would make me feel rather exposed.

Remember when I talked about how much, uh, difficulty I was having with my new class? Well it's not so bad now. The quizzes have gotten better, I have gotten somewhat used to the long days, and my instructor seems less intense. And there is only a week and a half left, so really I'm in the home stretch of this quarter. These last days will be very tough but after that I have another glorious break. What on earth am I going to do with myself for my two weeks off?

And lastly, remember that fiercely raging title war between doctors and nurses? Yeah, um, me neither. Apparently it exists. On this med student's blog, he talks about how DNPs (that's 'Doctor of Nursing Practice') shouldn't be allowed to go by the title "Doctor" in medical settings for various reasons-- it confuses the patients, it perpetuates a false level of expertise, if you wanna be a doctor go to med school, stop being jealous of how great we are, etc etc. And other blogs and journal articles appear to address the same issue from various viewpoints. I have some thoughts on this matter:

- Making grand generalizations about ALL NPs based on this so-called "doctor envy" makes you sound like a douche. See also: statements like "they want to endanger patients." I'm pretty sure NOBODY wants to endanger patients, sweetie, but thanks for the shout-out.

- Apparently there are NPs out there who want very much to have the same rights, responsibilities, and respect given to doctors. And apparently there is a hot debate as to whether or not they should be allowed to. As someone who is in school to become an NP, may I just say "Wha...?" And also, "Um?" I chose nursing because of its merits as a discipline, not because I couldn't get into med school. I want to be a nurse because of everything the field has to offer. I don't want to be a doctor, nor do I want the rights, responsibilities, or the respect they are given. I want the rights, responsibilities, and respect that I will earn from my work as a nurse. You can keep your title. I am satisfied, nay, proud to call myself a nurse.

- Also! We're all on the same team! Lets try and get along so that we can focus on patient care, rather than who calls whom what and where, sound good? Anybody?

Tomorrow and Friday I'm at clinicals again and then this weekend I will be frantically working on the five, count 'em FIVE papers I have due next week. If you happen to stop by the library and see a sweatsuit-clad tea drinker clutching her head and weepily typing on a MacBook come over and say hello won't you?