Sunday, February 8, 2009

This weekend, I:

- did NOT bring my old teflon-shedding pots to donate to the thrift store. So now what? I had moved them from the kitchen counter to the living room/only room floor because I thought they would be leaving soon. But I felt too guilty to inflict their poison on others so they are still there. Can I just throw them away? It feels dirty and wasteful and cliche-edly American to just toss them, but what am I supposed to do? They're not some old blanket with holes in it that I could cut up and fashion into a series of throw pillows. And even if I wanted to get creative and make something pretty out of my pain, I lack the artistic talent. That, and the appropriate welding tools.

- DID park my car at a meter that was apparently a very poorly marked commercial loading zone and I got a $70 ticket. AND they were about to tow my car. Thanks, San Francisco! And also- ticketing and towing seems like overkill, shouldn't they just do one or the other?

- bought two pairs of boring workey pants (one by Marc Jacobs) at the thrift store for $3.99 each. I had to buy boring workey pants because in our Psych rotation were aren't supposed do wear our scrubs and we can't wear jeans and I'm not about to wear the same pants for 5 days in a row. Normally, I wouldn't have anything against that but after seeing what goes on in a hospital and coming home with pee/poo/lice/scabies/pus/blood/MRSA/CDiff/vomit on my clothes, I tend to like to boil and pray over them before wearing them again. I also bought a water jug and a set of those cute little kitcheny jars where I'll keep my rice and pasta and such.

- tried to pick Bowie up for a snuggle. He kicked me in the chest.

- hung out with my mama. She took me to Macy's to get some nice layering basics and out to lunch were she told me to order a steak. Apparently she's worried that the Bay Area health food craze might have gotten to me. She doesn't realize that it would take threats of force and violence to convert me to a vegetarian in any sense of the word.

- took a sip of milk that I thought tasted a little funny. I took another sip, thought it tasted okay, and drank the whole glass. Then I opened the fridge and smelled the milk in the jug and realized that, yep, it was bad.