Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Bowie vomited all over my new "hand wash only" sweater. All over it. On the bright side it was from the thrift store. But still! New sweater! Hand washing! Cat vomit!

And I start my psych rotation next week but apparently I have to get fingerprinted to do so. I called and the first appointment for this is Thursday. I told my instructor. He told me to go hang around there and try to get in sooner than that. And I think, maybe, if you want it sooner than Thursday, then how about not emailing us about this LAST NIGHT? Not that it's his fault since it's a new policy and all but, ya know, a slight heads up might have been helpful.

I spent a good chunk of time at the library today trying. to. finish. my. paper. Which is not yet finished. And I'm not going to bed until it is. I refuse to believe that I just can't finish it today so that is my plan. The plan involves the following:

1. Type
2. Research
3. Caffeinate (except according to blogspot that isn't a word. And apparently blogspot and isn't aren't words either. Neither is aren't.)
4. Agonize over APA guidelines (APA is also not a word).

until it is done. That is the plan.