Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's not over.

Remember my rant about how long and obnoxious my week was? Well, the madness continues. Readings! A quiz and homework due before our 8 hour long class tomorrow! A three hour long test after class! Homework from my other class that needs some serious attention! Financial Aid application for next year due very soon!

Reaction: Headache. And/or tears.

Solution: Get back in bed and pretend it's still Friday afternoon when I was feeling all triumphant and exhausted from getting through my week. Get out readings, stare halfheartedly at them, and feel overwhelmed. Think warily about the two more years of school I have after this one is over. Think about NCLEX exam and how I really need to get my application in and start studying for it. Try not to cry.

Better Solution: Shower. Dress and feed self. Drink lots of water. Get out readings and skim, er, read them. Tackle homework and Financial Aid application. Tidy house. Try not to cry.

Most Likely Solution: Some combination of the previous two. Try not to cry.