Saturday, February 28, 2009


Rice + Veggies + Meat Sauce + Cheese = Not A Good Breakfast.

I was in a hurry. I had several containers of leftovers in the fridge. I thought that rice could maybe be substituted for pasta in a pinch? Nope.

NCLEX Application + End Of The Quarter Approaching = Running All Over Town.

I turned in a transcript request to the registrar on Monday ($10). I went to the police station last night to get fingerprinted ($71). Today, I went to the mailboxes store and got a passport photo taken ($10ish). Now all I have to do is turn in a transcript form to the administrator, finish filling out my application, and mail it in with the appropriate fees ($130ish) and I'll be done! Done applying to take the test, that is.

Birthdays + Borders 75% Off Section = Awesome.

Swistle is always talking about the fabulous 75% off section at Target but I went yesterday and couldn't seem to find it. Was I just not trying hard enough? Probably. But, is it actually not ONE specific section but rather nooks and crannies within the regular sections? I have bought things on extreme sale at Target before but I can't seem to recall and this time, when I was LOOKING for it, I couldn't find it. And I was kind of disappointed because I had ideas about buying cute Valentine's day stuff that was marked way down. But I probably missed out on that anyhow since Valentine's day was 2 weeks ago. Okay, so, fail. However, I stopped by Borders on my way to the mailboxy place because it's my sis's birthday in a couple days. And Borders also has a great little 75% off section with pens, pretty notebooks, cards, bags, bubble baths, lip balms, and other cute gifties. I got her a bunch of stuff that she can either use or re-gift and, let's face it, my sister is decidedly non-sentimental so it could equally be one or the other.

Ash Wednesday + Brain Malfunction = Lent Fail.

So last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and I am giving up... uh. I'm giving up, uh.... I'm, uh... Okay. What is the matter with me? I have given up Pepsi. I have given up ALL Soda (this was when I was a confirmed soda addict). I have given up marshmallows, bacon, chocolate, and... uh... something else I can't remember. Why can't I think of anything this year? There was also one year when, instead of giving something up, I pledged to exercise every day. And all of these times? I've done it. So what's the matter with me? This year I'm, uh.... I'm... uh....

Saturday Night + Milkshake = A Happy Jewels.

I know it's lame but I am seriously looking forward to puttering around my apartment for awhile, taking a hot bath, and then snuggling up in bed. And I washed my sheets and bought two new pillows and pillowcases yesterday at Target, soo *claps hands excitedly*!