Thursday, February 5, 2009

Further evidence that the Bay Area is rubbing off on me

As part of my new plan to avoid poisoning myself through food preparation, I've also decided to not bring anything to school in my plastic tupperware that needs to be reheated because of the possibility that the micro-waves break down the plastic into tiny, poisonous fragments. Even though the tupperware says "microwave safe," I'm not so sure. Because, really? How do they know?? And also, at the hospitals we only use IV lines for 3 days because after that the plastic starts breaking down. I'm thinking it's not such a stretch to believe that heating my food to scalding hot (the only temperature I like to eat it) might invite some amount of dangerous chemicals into my food. See what I'm sayin? This kind of logic got me through grad school.

My plan has proven tricky because I usually would bring some kind of pasta and veggies to school. It was quick. It was healthyish. It was tasty. But I can't quite justify buying glass tupperware because it's kind of expensive and, well, heavy. So I've started bringing sandwiches and salads to school. And that's okay except that I usually make the sandwich the night before school and the bread gets staleish from being in the fridge all night. I think I've solved this problem by lining both slices of bread with cheese, which moistens the bread but also renders my "healthy lunch" somewhat... less so.

So I think I've solved the lunch and cooking issues. But I also think I need to replace my water jug since it's really an old milk jug that I washed out and fill with tap water. Sidenote: I'm a big fan of tap water, I drank it in LA (which may not have been the wisest choice... sometimes it came out brown) and I'm definitley getting spoiled by the San Francisco tap water. Anyhow, I've been daydreaming today about buying a glass pitcher to keep in the fridge, full of crisp, cold water. I'm going to go get one from Thrift Town tomorrow, I think. And maybe I'll drop off my old pots there, too. I mean I don't want to cook teflon into my food anymore, but that doesn't give me the right to deprive others to do so.