Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letterman Jackets

"That letterman jacket is pretty awesome."

"I know, right? I haven't gotten to wear it since high school! Check out all my letters!"

"What are they?"

"This one is academics. And three for track."

"Wait, I only see two for track!"

"The letter counts as one."


"So how many letters did you get?"

"More than you."

"No you didn't!"

"Let's see... two for field hockey, two for track, and four for diving. That's EIGHT. HA!"

"Yeah? Well where's your letterman jacket?"

"Girls didn't get letterman jackets at my school."

"Then what did they wear?"

"The guy they were going out with's letterman jacket."

"So basically you're telling me that you went to high school in the 1950s...?"