Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hamburger Ranch

On the way back from camping, we stopped at this barbecue place that somebody had recommended. We hadn't really planned to stop for a full on lunch since we took off pretty soon after breakfast, but the guy had REALLY talked this place up and it was right on the way back to SF.

"Hey," I said to KC as we pulled out of the parking lot, "Should we stop at that place the dude told us about? What's it called, The Human Barbecue?"
"What? That's not the name."
"Well I know that's not the NAME. But I feel like it's something kind of like that..."
"Hang on, lemme think. It's called, um... Hamburger Ranch! Yeah let's stop there."

(I do that sometimes-- If I can't remember the name of a restaurant or store I'll just substitute something I think might be similar. Like "What's that place in the East Bay called? Harold and Juffey's?" or "I went to this awesome vintage store called Moondoggie's or something." But, I mean, that still doesn't totally explain why I thought this place was called THE HUMAN BARBECUE which sounds like a horror movie or death trap of some kind, doesn't it?)

Anyhow! We ordered the combo plate with a full rack or ribs plus brisket, mac n cheese, and baked beans to share. And it was OMG delicious. I like ribs but often feel like they're difficult to eat because you have to wrench the meat off the bones and it all gets stuck in your teeth and the sauce gets all over your hands and face and why don't they ever bring me enough napkins? But THESE ribs were, according to the menu, slow cooked for a long time and the meat was so tender you could cut it with a fork. Not that I actually wasted my time cutting it and I didn't even care about the sauce getting all over me-- with KC around I have to be a bit grabby of the food I actually want to make it into my mouth. The rest of the meal was great, too, but the ribs were definitely the star. We also enjoyed sitting outside in the shady patio, listening to the live band, and sippin on soda pops. KC's one complaint was that the spicy barbecue sauce wasn't hot enough for him. Pshh, whiner. And the total cost for two people so full they could hardly stagger back to their car and bicker over who had to drive the rest of the way home? $31.
Hamburger Ranch: two very-sticky-with-barbecue-sauce thumbs up.